Chic End-of-Bed Seating Ideas

Most of us could do with additional storage in the bedroom. To add style and storage, a chic end-of-bed seating solution may be the practical yet elegant way to maximise your bedroom space.

Love seats, stools, and benches are perfect for making a bedroom more inviting. Get inspired by the variety of end-of-bed seating solutions now on offer. Here we take a look at some of our favourites to help you turn the foot of your bed into your home’s most stylish spot. The end-of-bed ottoman is a simple yet practical and stylish solution in the bedroom. This is a good spot to sit down while tying your shoes or if you are in need a quiet place to unwind after a busy day. It is also the ideal space in which to store some of your bed linen and seasonal items when not in use. A traditional fabric-covered bench is also a design staple but a simple stool or even a full on sofa could work wonders too. Doesn’t a small sofa or settee at the end of the bed seem luxurious! If you have space, this is a great spot to curl up and read, or for your kids to sit and talk to you at the end of the day! If you have a TV facing the bed, just be sure that the back of the sofa isn’t so tall that it blocks your view of the TV while sitting in bed. Want refined luxury in the bedroom? Relax in elegance with a quality upholstered chaise! Rich and luxurious, a chaise is a beautiful and unique feature item in any room. Choose something with an intriguing shape or colour to suit your space.

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