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Oct 2, 2018

Vencasa: Travel In Comfort With These Must-Have Travel Accessories

When we’re away from home and the comfort of our own bed, we need not compromise on our quality of sleep. Vencasa – the sleep experts – bring us the bliss of a peaceful night’s sleep, even when we need to travel. Now in store, they have a range of fantastic travel accessories that you’re going to want to purchase before your next road trip or flight out of town!

  1. Tempur Car Comforter

Specially developed to use on a car seat to offer the ultimate in car comfort. The adjustable lumbar support can be positioned to comfortably support your back, or it can be removed if you prefer to use just the TEMPUR comfort layer on your seat.

2. Tempur Transit Pillow

Take your favourite pillow with you when you are away from home – it has the same shape and function as the Original Pillow by TEMPUR, but is half the width. This pillow is supplied with a travel bag which compresses the volume 70% when packed.

3. Tempur Travel Kit

Take comfort with you when you travel! This product offers a portable sleep system for all those who cannot leave home without their TEMPUR mattress and pillow. This lightweight set consists of a travel topper and a travel pillow packed into a convenient carrier bag on wheels.


Use a TEMPUR Topper on the sleeping surface of any mattress in good condition to provide a deep extra layer of TEMPUR comfort and give yourself a better night’s sleep. This 7cm topper features a cover designed with a smooth double jersey side and a cosy velour side to suit the feeling you most prefer. Get the comfort you deserve!

5. The Tempur Sleep Mask

Two things make the perfect sleep mask: total darkness and a comfortable fit. The TEMPUR material in this unique sleep mask takes care of both. The TEMPUR sleep mask gently moulds to the shape of your face to seal out light and cushion the eye area while you sleep or rest. It delivers complete darkness so you can drift away and snatch a snooze with ease.

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