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Feb 28, 2019

Inscape Now Offers Postgrad Studies

You can now take your education to another level with Inscape College. They are pleased to announce that their BA Honours in Design has been accredited.

This Bachelor of Arts Honours in Design qualification holds 120 credits and is offered at an NQF level 8 (SAQA ID: 105124). The course is offered either as one-year full time, or two-year part time.

The aim of this Honours qualification is to expand your existing knowledge, understanding and experience of design as a process and a way of thinking. Postgraduate studies serve to refine your professional expertise in your chosen discipline by exploring fundamental theories. You will gain specialist knowledge and techniques in your chosen field of design at an advanced level when completing real-world relevant research and design projects.

To further develop your professional capabilities in applying design thinking to complex problems we will challenge you to design in different contexts. These contexts include; sustainability, industry and entrepreneurship, user experience, project management, online education and communities. Successfully completing the qualification prepares you for further postgraduate study by providing the opportunity to learn about research methodologies, techniques and methods and to apply these to a capstone project in your design discipline. The course aims to equip you to contribute in a constructive way to the professional practice of design and the future of design as a powerful transformational tool that may positively influence the economy, the environment and society.

Students complete all core subjects and two electives, course subjects include;

Research methodology (core)
Design innovation (core)
Service design (core)
Applied writing (core)
Research dissertation (core)
Practical portfolio (core)
Sustainable design (elective)
Commercial design (elective)
User experience design (elective)
Project management (elective)
Design for instruction (elective)

In the core subjects Research Methodology, Design Innovation and Applied Writing you will learn more about where design has come from and where it may be going in the future. You will learn how to apply sound research skills to innovative projects, plus how to communicate their concepts, ideas, strategies and plans on a variety of platforms for both academic and industry audiences. The other core subjects include Service Design where all students participate in a group project aimed to solve a real-world problem in an industry or community context. In the Research Dissertation and Practical Portfolio, you will complete an in-depth investigation in an aspect of their design discipline.

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