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Jul 16, 2018

Inscape: A New Season, A New Look

Inscape Education Group at 37 years is excited to almost be forty and in the making. Phillip Hodson, a fellow of the British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy, would say they are “young enough to not be disillusioned and yet old enough to have earned respect and appreciate our sense of achievement.”

This notion epitomizes the sense of excitement amongst directors and staff, as Inscape goes global in 2018. This bold move celebrates Inscape’s pedigree as being an acknowledged creative industry leader.

Having been the first creative multi-disciplinary tertiary private education institute in South Africa, Inscape retains their creative lead by becoming the first African education group to enter the private sector in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. This will allow the brand to leverage new opportunities afforded students and staff alike. For example, they will now be able to expose students to the forefront of global design thinking as Dubai continues to flourish. Moving from an established base locally into a global market, has however created new challenges and opportunities that are worth celebrating.

Helen Bührs, CEO explains; “With this aggressive move towards a global presence, it was necessary to redefine our corporate identity. We aimed to ensure that we remained true to our roots whilst addressing an international market. At the research phase of the project, it was simply astonishing to see the vibrancy and excitement demonstrated by South African brands when comparing them to their international counterparts. We express this pride in our Be Local, Go Global campaign.”

The task required a refined look and feel, a simplification of systems, globalization of products and a new mindset from staff. Many have been with the organisation for 10 years or more. The global challenge required a fresh communication strategy that includes a corporate identity good enough to wear, drive, share and even eat. No kidding.

The team is proud to share the new Inscape website that features the faculties, courses and locations in user-friendly, geo-sensitive and responsive manner.

The Inscape brand which includes valued staff is represented as a ‘way of thinking’ promoting the concept of ‘Design for Life’. The term, Inscape was originally coined by poet Gerald Manley Hopkins. The word Inscape means; The unique inner nature of a person or object as shown in an artwork. Hopkins felt that everything in the universe was characterized by what he called inscape, the distinctive design that constitutes individual identity.

Inscape remains proud of instilling young design leaders with their own brand of unique thinking. Creative campus events, a growing list of industry accolades, active bloggers and our Tribe magazine showcase these unique stories and the inscape in its people.

Inscape’s staff welcome you to explore the new website with news updates, organizational information, detailed pricing structures, payment options and featured courses on offer.

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