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Mar 18, 2019

The Academic Institute of Excellence – The Future of Education

At The Academic Institute of Excellence they believe in a future of possibilities and abundance. A future filled with excellence made possible by a new generation of visionaries leaders. 

Known for their innovative approach to quality education, excellence in delivery and modern technological approach, they are a family proud of their brands, people and students.

We asked them to share some more information about the future of education and their approach to virtual reality.

Is VR the future of education?

“VR not only keeps students engaged and interested, we believe that students need to be equipped to work in fields that might not have been introduced to the market yet.

Technology develops more rapidly than ever. VR moved from aviation to military to personal use in just a couple of months. VR will make learning accessible everywhere in the world so the education system and learning methods also need to adapt.”

What are some of the other digital trends in education?

“Technology allows us to give a more personalised experience in the classroom where voice is replacing text. So the AI teacher presents classes at the pace of the student. Students will be able to give answers with their voices if they are dyslexic for example. Considering 20% of adults are dyslexic the introduction of AI in classes is significant.”

What can VR education offer that traditional education cannot?

“VR offers a look into the future. VR will increase the number of learning opportunities and allow an alternative to overflowing classrooms and give independence from having to be in a location to do practical classes.”

Does VR education improve student performance/results?

“VR enhances their ability to understand and memorise their subject because they are interactively taking part in the class and classes are vivid.

Working remotely is a big feature of the modern workplace so by introducing students to this they will be a step ahead of their peers.”

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