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What’s New At Creative Stone?

Stone is a worthwhile addition inside and outside of the home. From a striking exterior cobble walkway to a timeless interior clad stone wall – stone is classic! As a leader in the simulated stone industry, The Creative Stone Company has some stunning new additions to their product range – perfect for any home renovation or project! The Creative Stone Company Head Office in Honeydew is comprised of a beautifully landscaped lifestyle showroom, where you can see their products laid in varying colours and textures. Their Fourways Showroom is the flagship Corporate Showroom where clients can relax and reflect on lifestyle choices within an extensive showroom. A passion for products is reflected in these showrooms and the teams are continuously upgrading and expanding displays and products. What’s new? This season, The Creative Stone Company is excited to present these new additions to their ranges:

  • New wood-textured Wood Wave pool coping, flagstone, cobble & cladding ranges are now available and allow for consistency in texture and colour throughout a project.
  • Most Cobble ranges can now be manufactured in an 80mm thickness. The thicker cobbles make for a great addition to commercial / industrial projects when it becomes necessary for large trucks to drive over them.
  • The Cotswold Pool Coping now has a brand-new size – a 150 x 150 Bullnose. This smaller size makes it easier when a pool or patio has a lot of curves or is round.
  • The Flamed Granite Pool Coping has also welcomed a new addition – a 220 x 290 Bullnose. This range, with its matching flagstones makes for an amazing addition to a modern or contemporary project.
  • New sizes are also available in the Flamed Granite flagstone range as well as the Wood Wave flagstone range. These new sizes can be used to create interesting landscaping details.
  • Two brand-new garden edging ranges, complete with inner and outer corners, are now on offer. One of these ranges is slanted and the other is a dramatic, formal, French edging.
  • A new brushed, modern, long paver is also now on offer, perfect for landscaping detail.

All of these new products make for exciting and dramatic design detail. And what’s more? Creative Stone also has a fantastic sale on second-grade flagstone, cobble & cladding ranges. Discounts on the stones in the seconds yard range from 30% – 60 % off of normal prices. These seconds are great for “Creating Beautiful Spaces” on a budget. In 2018, Creative Stone will also be taking part in the Homemaker’s Fair at the end of February, between 22nd – 25th February at the Ticket Pro Dome. As a design-driven company, Creative Stone has trained CAD Designers who have many years of experience and are skilled in providing holistic design solutions for clients that are sensitive to theme, texture and architecture. Contact: Creative Stone

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