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May 26, 2017

Vertical Veg: Grow your Garden Upwards

Vertical gardening is a worldwide trend. When gardening space is limited, why not grow your own nutritious plants upwards and off the ground? Vertical Veg is a Cape Town based manufacturer of ready-to-use pocket panels, ideal for growing plants vertically on any wall surface.

Now you can be as self-sufficient as possible, even within your own urban jungle. You will have no more excuses to get in touch with nature, as you can grow your greens in panels placed on vibracrete, brick walls, trellis or even just wrapped around a water tank. Trading at the Old Biscuit Mill, Woodstock, Vertical Veg panels are making their mark and have been bought by tourists and dispersed all over the world. The planting panels are sturdy but light-weight and are easy to install and plant upwards.

The panels are made from a durable, yet flexible geotextile fabric, and designed with generous-sized pockets for healthy root systems. The fabric has a felt-like texture that can easily withstand rain, snow, and weathering. The fabric is UV stabilised, resistant to strong acids and alkalis and cannot be attacked by fungi or rot. Mounted on a wall surface, with plants in the pockets and regular watering, the exposure to intense, harmful UV rays is minimised. The panels are backed with a thick plastic so the wall is protected when watering the plants and walls require no prior preparation in this regard. Webbing and eyelets also help to maintain the shape and make installation easy. The installed panels can be incorporated into existing irrigation systems or can be individually fitted with one to make maintenance easier.

There are 8 standard sizes available to fit most spaces, but you can also custom order. Vertical Veg also manufactures a range of fabric plant pots – called “Veggie-pots”. Sturdy design with handles for ease of transportation, these Fibretex fabric pots allow one to grow produce easily. They drain naturally and prevent water-logging, so roots grow freely and are aerated. These are available in many sizes – the largest of these are for planting potatoes. Get back in touch with nature and the joy of eating healthy, home-grown food that is fresh, seasonally grown, pesticide-free and has zero carbon miles.

Look out for Vertical Veg at the Decorex JHB, at Gallagher Estate in August. For more visit

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