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Tips to water-wise gardens and outdoor landscaping

The ideal garden is an extension of the home – a place where we desire to spend our time embracing nature and soaking up the warmth of the sun. However, in times of drought, our gardens may take strain. In order to maintain our outdoor spaces, we need to be more aware of the environment and do our bit to create an eco-friendly and water-wise garden. If you’re prepared to put in the time and rethink how you do gardening, then the rewards will be plentiful.

Great landscaping not only looks visually appealing but will also help to maximise your outdoor spacse in terms of function and capabilities to suit the seasons we are in. In times of water crisis, for example, you can still invest in a quality garden that is water wise and one that optimizes the use of plants, special features and tailored products to create a workable garden you can be proud of.

Here are our top tips to help you maintain your precious garden in times of drought:

Add Mulch

When rain is scarce, invest in quality organic compost for your garden to ensure the longevity of your plants. This will help to maintain the soil structure and also guide water down to your plant’s thirsty roots. A thick layer of quality organic mulch will help to shade the roots and cool the soil.   Invest in a water tank

Your plants need water to survive. In times of water crisis, don’t give up on your garden. Invest in a quality water tank that is ideal for water security. We love the Jojo 750lt Slimline Buffer Tank now available from TrenDIY, which is ideal for rain harvesting. Its streamlined dimensions make it a great choice when space is limited as it can easily be installed in and around corners and down narrow walkways.

Get rid of weeds

Weeds will suck the water right out of your precious plants, so keep a watchful eye out for these bad boys and de-weed on a regular basis.

Choose water wise plants

If you have the option, choose succulents and water wise plants for your garden, which use far less water to grow during a drought. Choose your plants carefully and if in doubt, ask a professional at your local nursery for advice on the best water wise plants for your garden.

Cobble stones and pavers

If you are planning to redo the garden area, do reconsider your lawn areas which will require regular watering to be maintained. Instead, opt for a more permanent and water wise solution in quality outdoor pavers, stones or cement features. We love the Ravine Stepping Stone by Revelstone with its ravine textured irregular shape and size. These stepping stones provide an affordable and attractive way to create a garden pathway through lawn, flower beds or stone chips.

Artificial Grass

You may opt to replace your existing lawn with artificial turf, which is a very popular choice. Today there are a variety of options available. Artificial grass requires no maintenance or watering and will be green all year long. It is cut and installed to your specific measurements and works well indoors and outdoors. Shopping Guide: Revelstone, and TrenDIY.

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