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Presented by the editor of The Gardener magazine;  Tanya Visser, this practical and informative gardening show tackles everything that takes place in and around your garden. In this season the garden gloves come off as Tanya tackles a variety of topics like ornamental grasses, solutions for shaded areas, winning pot-recipes for instant colour, healing plants like Echinacea, her favourite succulents from the Sedum family and a bucket full of inspirational ideas to try at home. With a step-by-step guidance and a smorgasbord of information, be sure to join Tanya as she takes you on a South African garden journey.

The Gardener
What to expect: Episode 1

  • Propagating Clivias
  • Hydrangeas
  • 4 x Shade Plants
  • Fallen Leaves as Mulch

Tanya shows you how to propagate and grow Clivias from seed; how to get the most out of your Hydrangeas; four shade plants that will bring life to the darker areas of your garden; and how to benefit from fallen leaves.

Episode 2

  • Intro to Malvas
  • Malva Pot Mix
  • Planting colourful Winter annuals

Tanya shares some information on the popular Malva and how to plant and maintain them in a pot. With the last of the winter annuals still in bloom, it is not too late to enjoy them in your garden. Tanya gives the low-down on seedling packs and colour bags, and shows you how to go about planting them with the help of a new 3-step fertilizer.

Episode 3

  • Ornamental Grasses
  • Planting Ornamental grasses and Dianthus
  • Lawn Care

Tanya takes a look at the wonderful variety of ornamental grasses that are sure to bring texture to your garden. She demonstrates how ornamental grasses can be planted with colourful Dianthus to create a striking area in the garden. When it comes to lawns, most of us have them, and most of us struggle to keep them looking lush and green year round. Tanya gives some pointers on getting the most out of your green turf.

Visit The Home Channel to see the synopsis of the other episodes. There are 13 episodes in this season to look forward to. So get your notebook ready and your gardening gloves laid out for you to dig in.


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