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Sep 21, 2019

Take A Stroll Through Revelstone’s Showroom

If you’re looking for outdoor inspiration with all of the latest products to spruce up your home, then Revelstone has everything you need to consider, carefully and beautifully displayed under one roof. That’s right, the Revelstone showroom in Lansdowne, Cape Town, is a feast for the senses with outdoor innovations, landscaping ideas, cladding, paving and more.

The new Revelstone Showroom video takes you on the journey as a customer in this immaculate space. Here you can experience the tactile nature of all of Revelstone’s products. Take a stroll, look and feel a range of products before making your final selection.

It certainly is an inspired space – with a variety of the latest products visibly on show for you to feel and visualise it in your own home.


Revelstone has always been committed to the innovation and creation of new designs, products etc. and have carried out in-depth studies of the art of stone masonry and design throughout the world. Knowledge gained from this research has allowed all products to become indistinguishable from natural stone. Attention to detail, subtle variations in colour, variety of surface textures and shape of the stone are necessary in order to create a worthy genuine replica. The result of the Company’s ongoing investment and innovation is a world class, cast simulated stone product which can be used as an alternative to real stone.

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