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Take The Plunge with A Stylish Plunge Pool

A swimming pool is an amazing asset to the home and a worthwhile investment for the summer months. However, many properties may not necessarily have the space for a lavish swimming pool with all the trimmings. A plunge pool may be the perfect solution, and here we share some of our favourite designs for the modern lifestyle.

A lifestyle The below plunge pool screams easy living and a carefree lifestyle, complete with deck and outdoor mattresses on which to soak up the sunshine. Even though this yard is on the smaller side, this plunge pool is the perfect use of space, fitting in perfectly and complimenting the plush greenery of this modern outdoor entertainment area. Au Natural We love the idea of a plunge pool that blends in with the natural surrounds. The below pool is the epitome of unrefined, earthy living. Complete with stone flooring and a water-wise garden, this plunge pool would work wonderfully on an eco-friendly property. Set on a patio, or between various outdoor living areas, this pool would be great for merging the indoors with the outdoors. A great idea for any contemporary dwelling where you hope to achieve a restful, holiday ambiance. Making the most of every available space: A plunge pool is typically smaller than a big swimming pool, and as such, you would want to consider any little nook as an appropriate spot for your little swimming hole. The below pool seems raised above the garden, with a wooden deck in line with the thatched roofing. A tiny pool that packs a punch, complete with deck chairs and outdoor scenery to match! A pool getaway A plunge pool in an unconventional setting may be the perfect treat – whether at your cabin in the woods, or located on a vacation property. The below pool is a great example of what you could achieve without having to dig a gigantic hole for a pool. Start dreaming. Start planning. And take the plunge with your own ideas for an innovative plunge pool. Shopping for pools visit: www.sadecor.co.za

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