Start Your Urban Garden with Greenbo Railing and Deck Planters

Greenbo Railing & Deck Planters’ innovative features provide the perfect design solution for urban balconies.

Their universal design allows them to fit securely and safely on most railings; just place the planter over the balcony or deck rail and save valuable floor space.

Greenbo railing products will satisfy all your urban gardening needs, including visual impact, durability and weather resistance. Greenbo products contain special UV protective ingredients to ensure their colours remain vibrant.

The planters also have a built-in draining system that includes two removable, cleanable and replaceable trays. The system ensures plant roots don’t sit in water, which encourages rot and prevents messy drips and streaming water. An anchoring mechanism protects against theft; the patented stability mechanism offers peace of mind, and a rainbow of modern colours allows for creative expression within any decorating palette.

The revolutionary and popular Greenbo railing product line provides a unique solution for growing plants and flowers in urban environments.

It includes two main products, Greenbo Railing Planters and Greenbo XL Flower Boxes, in a variety of sizes and an array of colors that can add a pop of visual drama or blend into a neutral palette.

Both products give urban gardeners the sophisticated design they crave and the quality construction they seek. Their no-fuss saddle design, exclusive to Greenbo, fits safely and snugly on most railing in the world!

Garden lovers who want to grow their own edible produce but have limited space, now have low-maintenance, highly aesthetic options from which to choose. Greenbo containers can be used on the balcony, patio, deck, or a sunny window. Urban gardeners can enjoy fresh herbs, vegetables and flowers without sacrificing valuable floor space, or style, inside and out.

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