Spruce Up Your Pool Area in Time For Summer

Make the most of the warmer months by upgrading your pool area and making it a memorable place for your family and guests to enjoy this summer!

Pools are often the centre of summer entertainment. Get your pool area summer ready by incorporating some of these tips.

Choose the right furniture Instantly update your outdoor pool area by incorporating a practical seating area around the pool. Think sun loungers, chairs and even an outdoor dining area to maximise your outdoor entertainment! We love the idea of lazying about in the sun after a dip in cool waters – a hammock would make the ideal relaxation spot near your pool.

Shade is key Ensure that you have ample shade around your pool for those hot afternoons! Invest in shading and strategically positioned umbrellas to provide some cover from the sun. Shade will make your day at the pool even more enjoyable and bearable!

Decking and surrounds You want to ensure that your pool is surrounded by durable and functional materials that will withstand the elements. For beautiful wooden decking, ensure that the wood is treated regularly to maintain its pristine condition. Alternatively, concrete finishes or outdoor tiles may make for the perfect accompaniments around the pool. Not only are they visually appealing, but they will stay in prime condition through exposure to water and sunshine.

Cover up Many areas around South Africa are facing severe water shortages. Do you bit this summer to save water and invest in a pool cover to keep evaporation to a minimum!


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