Coverland: Waterproofing and EasyFlash

EasyFlash by Coverland is used for easy, long-lasting waterproofing, installed to wall-roof junctions. It is a hard wearing and sustainable sealing solution to help you make the most of your new build!

EasyFlash is made of a superior aluminium compound and high performance CH butyl glue for extreme adhesion. It stretches up to 60% to mould over roof tiles and has been tested for durability at the Monier Group testing facility, in Germany. The result is a world-class premium solution.

The benefits include:

• Time: Fast, easy DIY installation
• Money: Cost 1/3 of traditional flashing methods over the lifetime of the product (based on internal research)
• Maintenance: Seals your roof junctions for up to 15 years when installed as per package instructions with Connection Strip.

EasyFlash Rolls are available in 5m x 250mm. Applications: Dormers, brick chimneys, skylights, solar panels, side and horizontal wall connections.

Established in 1949 Coverland has evolved to become what is today considered, the largest concrete roof tile manufacturer in South Africa. Using market leading roofing know-how, superior innovative products and operational excellence, they deliver the best roofing solutions in South Africa.


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