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Jul 19, 2017

Revelstone: How to Use Cast Stone in Your Outdoor Landscaping

Are you thinking about revamping the exterior to your home. Cast stone is a great option to add visual appeal and practicality in your garden. Add an elegant touch to your outdoor spaces with some top landscaping tips using stone as the hero. From pathways and paved patios, here’s how you can use cast stonework to create a beautifully landscaped exterior you can be proud of. 

1. Create a pathway

Use quality cobble or stone pavers and create a winding path that leads through your garden. This will help guide visitors through your landscape and will also help to prevent the damage of your precious plants and grass.

2. Create a cast stone patio

Need an outdoor space for entertaining? Quality stonework makes for a durable and even surface on which to place patio furniture and enjoy some outdoor living.

3. Attractive borders

Separate your garden into clearly demarcated areas by using kerbs and attractive cast stone borders to keep your grass from invading your garden. Use these different sections to group some of your favourite plants in their own sections within the garden.

4. Add visual flair

Caststone can help to improve the aesthetic beauty and practicality of your property. There are wide varieties of landscaping stones to choose from and many colours, sizes and textures to consider. Although having countless options can be appealing, it can make choosing the perfect stone a real challenge. Chat to a professional and choose stone that will complement your natural landscape.

5. Think practically

You may want to invest in stonework that serves a practical purpose, such as the water channel cast stone from Revelstone that is an innovative product designed as an effective and appealing water run-off channel that helps to remove excess water from paved areas.

Here are some of our top picks from Revelstone:

LEFT to RIGHT: Cobble Path, Kent Cobble and Ridgestone Kerb

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