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May 14, 2019

Revelstone: Get Ready For Winter With A DIY Fire Pit

An outdoor fire pit is the perfect gathering point for family and friends. It sets a wonderfully warm ambience and will become a feature in your outdoor space. Here we share some tips to creating the ideal fire pit at home, with thanks to Revelstone.

Revelstone offers a great DIY Fire Pit that  which is sold as a kit. Easy to install and is an ideal companion which will add functionality and style to your outdoor entertainment areas. It is also a great spot for the cooler months, to gather with your loved ones around the glistening coals in a safe outdoor space under the stars. Certainly a magical experience!

Find the perfect spot

Start by identifying a site in your back yard. Be sure that there is ample room around and above your site, to avoid danger and any mishaps of surrounding brush catching aflame. Stay away from low-hanging branches and electrical wires. Be sure that your chosen site is far away from both of these.

Measure Up

Once you find the right spot, be sure to measure up. Drive a stake in the ground at the centre and be sure to mark out the circumference of your pit and outline circular shape that would be large enough to accommodate guests. Be sure to measure the inside and outside diameter to ensure the right sized fire pit.

To create a base for the pit, you will need to dig a hole and fill this with crushed stone. Compact the stone so that it fills the hole and creates a level surface on which to start laying your fire-pit blocks. Use a level to ensure that your surface is perfectly straight.

Build The Walls

Build your fire pit walls with your choice of concrete blocks or stone. Complete a circle of stones before layering it upwards to complete the outer edges. Fire brick can be combined with natural field stone or landscape pavers to create your own unique look.

If you are using natural stone, mix the sizes and colours of the stones, and choose stone faces that are attractive and match the slight curve of your outline.

If you’re looking for a perfect arrangement of stone, cladding, pavers and more to complete your outdoor spaces and enhance your new fire pit, be sure to contact Revelstone. They offer the latest innovations to elevate any outdoor area.

For more visit Revelstone.



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