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Apr 19, 2019

Raindrop: Innovation in Design by Studio Bas van der Veer

In a city where water scarcity has become a genuine concern, it is always inspiring to see new innovations to help us save water and reinvent our gardens. Raindrop is a fantastic innovation, designed by Studio Bas van der Veer.

This is not only a functional item to help you store and use rain water, but the sleek design of Raindrop is what captivates and will certainly add style to the garden. As the name suggests, this water harvesting tool is cleverly shaped like a raindrop and created to maximise rain water through innovative storage.

This nifty device minimises the ecological impact and utilises natural resources responsibly to make your home and garden green. Now you can manage your rainwater effectively, which is an essential part making sure that you do your bit for the planet. Doing so without sacrificing style and aesthetics is the gorgeous Raindrop designed by Studio Bas van der Veer.

An award-winning design that was first conceptualized by its maker in 2009, Raindrop easily beats the mundane rain barrel with ease both in terms of functional ease and its appealing silhouette.

The slim and exquisite rain barrel fits in pretty much anywhere and also has a watering can at the top to make your gardening a lot easier and far more eco-friendly.

A tap at the bottom allows you to attach the watering hose of various diameters and with smart connectivity to drainage pipes, this contemporary rain barrel makes water management super-easy and effortless!

Such a cool design – and one that can serve us most effectively at home in the garden.

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