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Get Waterwise with Revelstone

With tighter water restrictions and a very limited water supply in some regions around the country, our gardens and outdoor spaces are suffering. However, with Revelstone, you can transform your outdoor living areas and create beautiful waterwise retreats to reflect the style of your home.

Here are some top tips for creating your own waterwise retreat:

Rethink your lawn: Instead of rolling lawns and lush vegetation which will not stand the test of time during a drought, why not opt for a full landscaping of your outdoor spaces into more manageable and separate areas for entertaining. Think a paved patio area, braai area and deck – all of which will require once-off installation with striking pavers, wood or stone, and you won’t have to worry about ongoing maintenance or water supplies. If you’re set on some sort of lawn area in your garden, rather invest in quality turf or synthetic grass which looks and feels like the real thing, without the worries of sun damage, dying, brown or weed-filled grass areas! Pavers for walkways Invest in quality pavers for walkways and other demarcated areas around your home, which won’t require watering. Stylish pavers and stones come in a variety of colours to suit your space. Combined with synthetic grass and you will still have the fresh look of greenery without the maintenance costs! Choose waterwise plants When deciding on your shrubs and greenery, opt for waterwise vegetation that will continue to grow, even in drought-affected regions. Speak to your local nursery about your options and ensure that your garden is well prepared for the harsh summer heat.

Add Mulch Mulch in your flowerbeds will help to keep your plants hydrated for longer, with less evaporation taking place. The mulch works to lock in moisture and protect your plant’s roots from the harsh elements. Ensure that your soil is also well fertilised and add compost to keep your plants healthy.

Use Grey Water Save your household water for the garden. Anything from bath or shower water to dishwater and cooking water – every last drop can be saved for use in the garden! Grey water is a life-saver in times of limited water supply and may ensure the survival of your garden during a drought.   Speak to a professional about your landscaping options. We recommend Revelstone for a wide range of paving and cobbles that are ideal to complete any indoor or outdoor project. Contact: Revelstone

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