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Revelstone: New Showroom Now Open!

When it comes to beautifully landscaped outdoor areas, Revelstone is in a league of their own with gorgeous offerings and the latest designs to transform your outdoor space into places of tranquility. What’s more is that their new showroom is now open – do go and check it out for even greater outdoor inspiration.

Revelstone has always been committed to the innovation and creation of new designs, products etc. and have carried out in-depth studies of the art of stone masonry and design throughout the world.

Knowledge gained from this research has allowed all products to become indistinguishable from natural stone. Attention to detail, subtle variations in colour, variety of surface textures and shape of the stone are necessary in order to create a worthy genuine replica.

The result of the Company’s ongoing investment and innovation is a world class, cast simulated stone product which can be used as an alternative to real stone. A product which looks authentic in appearance, has cost advantages and can be used by architects and landscapers to create award winning homes and gardens of distinction.

Revelstone’s engineered product range includes beautifully innovative cladding, kerbs, coping, pavers, step pavers, wall cappings, fire pits and more.

The team are excited to share their knowledge with you. Do visit their new showroom in Landsdowne Cape Town and find the right products for your next project. From pavers and cladding to stone, coping and landscaping materials, Revelstone has it all.

At Revelstone, you can expect the kind of personalized and hands-on service that their satisfied customers have enjoyed for over two decades.

For more visit Revelstone.


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