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REVELSTONE: Engineering Excellence

The exterior of any stylish residence is just as important as any statement interior space. Where designer indoor living meets luxury outdoor spaces, the results are often trend-setting and phenomenal.

This is true in the luxury apartment block in Cape Town’s V&A Waterfront, where the upper-floor swimming pools at No.3 Silo were specially designed for maximum appeal. Revelstone committed to this project which involved the once-off production of custom-designed coping for the two upper-floor swimming pools at No. 3 Silo. One pool forms part of an eighth-floor sundeck and the other holds centre stage of an entertainment area on the 12th floor the penthouse. Specially-manufactured steel moulds were used to cast the coping units which each weighed 65kg and measured 600mm x 600mmx 70mm.   What makes this project innovative is that the coping was designed with a 120mm x 100 mm lip which protrudes down the side of the exterior wall and creates a 50 mm x 100 mm channel between the lip and the wall. The channel was specified by the architect to cover some electrical cabling and water piping which was attached to the side of the pools. Moreover, although hidden, the pipes and cabling are easily accessible without digging or disruption to the coping or surrounding paving and decking.   The coping was post-acid etched to provide a non-slip surface and was attached to the pool wall using a special adhesive. The charcoal colouring and substantial size of the coping was chosen by the architect to reflect the Waterfront’s semi-industrial aesthetic.   Contact: Revelstone

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