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Revelstone: Add Curb Appeal To Your Home with a Modern Driveway

Add to the visual appeal of your home by improving something as basic as your driveway. With a few contemporary touches, you can create a welcoming exterior that lets your personality shine through. Here we share a few great ideas to enhance your driveway and create an elegant and modern point of entry at home.

Often the first thing your guests will see as they arrive at your home, the driveway is far more than just a place to park. It can be a real focal point for your home, easily adding to your home’s curb appeal.

No matter your choice of finish, a modern driveway can enhance your home and create a stylish entryway that can lead to a designer interior. Besides creating a visual statement, an upgraded driveway can also add to the overall value of your home and set the tone for the overall look and feel of your residence.

Some contemporary choices for a modern driveway include gravel, cobblestone, paving or concrete – all adding timeless quality and durability to your outdoor spaces. Revelstone offer a wide variety of superior products to make your driveway upgrade a reality. By carrying out continual in-depth studies of the art of stone masonry and design, they are able to consistently introduce exciting products to the market.

The most striking driveway ideas make great use of the size, shape and available space – this often means being robust, resilient and functional, as well looking good. Whether you live in a grand estate or a smaller complex, a well-kept, neat and modern driveway can be a welcome asset.

Paving is possibly the most common option for a driveway. The choice of paving, however, is endless and you can decide to pave in a variety of tones and patterns. Some of our favourites include circular patterns, especially on larger driveways where the circular patterns create a striking focal point outdoors. Herringbone paving is another great option as well as basket-weave and chequered paving alternatives.

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