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COROBRIK: Make exposed brick the show stopper in your Kitchen


Image sourced from www.jellytoast.com

Thinking of giving your kitchen a makeover this year? Then read on for inspiring face brick design ideas that will take your kitchen design to the next level. We all know the kitchen is the heart of the home and whilst doing research for this blog we noticed that kitchen islands were becoming increasingly popular.

In a world were space is a luxury, kitchen islands offer additional counter, storage and dining space. Make your kitchen island the show stopper with face brick. I’m sure you might be thinking isn’t face brick used for the exterior of your home? Yes, it is but why not make a statement by including exposed brick into your kitchen design as well. Corobrik has a variety of brick colours and textures to choose from.

Although material like brick aren’t viewed as the most popular choice for kitchen islands, it’s definitely worth considering. Brick has a reputation for being strong and striking – two qualities that can really add a new element to your kitchen. Brick is also great at fitting in with the overall aesthetics of your kitchen, blending in perfectly with your existing design. Here are 4 inspiring face brick kitchen islands that will open your eyes to some of the possibilities that come with including exposed brick into your design and how you could make it your own:

Image sourced from www.picmia.com

This face brick design fits in perfectly with this rustic country kitchen. The exposed brick gives the kitchen a warm and inviting presence.

Image sourced from www.housely.com

The exposed brick gives this modern kitchen that extra edge. Blending in with its clean lines and trendy look. A design that would be easy to replicate as well.

Image sourced from www.har.com

If your kitchen is a little more traditional much like the above kitchen, introducing exposed brick not only adds character and texture to your space but it’s durability will eliminate having to replace the island in a few years’ time.

Image sourced from www.house-nerd.com

For those who enjoy the minimalist look, brick can bring a sense of tranquility to a space that is often overpowered by the sounds of pots, pans and kitchen appliances. We hope these ideas have inspired you to do something out of the ordinary with your kitchen design. To make all your design dreams come true make sure to visit Corobrik or leave a comment in the box below if you need help or simply want to share your special design ideas with us, we love hearing from you!

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