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COROBRIK: A modern twist on Face brick ceilings

Image sourced from www.billielourd.org

Renovating or building your dream home? Both can be mammoth tasks to undertake and can lead to confusion especially when making decisions on what type of flooring, décor, lighting etc., that you may want. But have you ever paid attention to your ceilings from a décor point of view? We often simply settle for ordinary white board ceilings, but why not break the status quo and change things up by installing a face brick ceiling in your kitchen. Yes, exposed brick on your ceiling is not as crazy as you may think. Exposed brick on ceilings date back centuries, where this type of décor was paired with elements such as wood, iron and glass to create a rustic feel. Corobrik has an amazing range of face bricks to choose from, you will definitely be spoilt for choice. Fast forward to 2018 and this style of décor has been refined and given a modern twist. Here are our top picks of exposed brick ceilings:

  1. Rustic country

    Image sourced from www.lonny.com

  The exposed brick blends in perfectly with wood of any colour. It creates a warm homely type feel and ideal for farm house kitchens or those who want to create a rustic vibe within their home.   2. Vintage chic

Image sourced from www.houzz.com

If vintage is your thing, then exposed brick on your ceiling will definitely give you that grand feeling of royalty. Having exposed brick on your ceiling also saves you money as you won’t have to repaint or replace your ceiling as often as you would with a normal white board ceiling.

3. Classic modern

Image sourced from www.billieloud.org

Classic yet modern, not only does the colour of the brick used on this kitchen ceiling compliment the whole aesthetics of the kitchen but the manner in which the exposed brick has been installed adds to the kitchens character. To make all your design dreams come true make sure to visit Corobrik or leave a comment in the box below if you need help or simply want to share your special design ideas with us, we love hearing from you!

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