Patio Warehouse: 5 Things To Consider Before Furnishing Your Patio

If you haven’t noticed, we are super excited about Spring and the possibilities that the season holds for outdoor living and revamping our exterior entertainment areas. If you’re looking to upgrade your patio furniture this Spring, Patio Warehouse caters for all your needs. Here we share a few things you need to consider before revamping your patio!

  1. Try before you buy. Visit a Patio Warehouse and have a seat in some of their exquisite patio furniture offerings. Choose something comfy that works for you.
  2. Low maintenance is always a winner outdoors, so choose furniture that is hard-wearing and easy to clean and maintain.
  3. Invest in quality pieces that you know will last. Consider the materials used and ensure that these are treated to withstand your outdoor surrounds.
  4. Make a style statement with a beautiful collection of patio furniture. Patio Warehouse’s new rope sets are gorgeous in striking finishes and high-quality durable materials. Let these rope sets inspire your own dream patio.
  5. Do not clutter your patio with unnecessary things. The trick is to incorporate fewer but bigger furniture pieces to make your space feel bigger rather than closed in or cluttered!

Let’s take a look at what is on trend and available in store:

The Murcia Rope Lounge Set (5 Piece):

Comfort and style shine through in this woven rope sofa system with powder coated aluminium frames for durability. This is where outdoor meets indoor as you can seamlessly blend your interior and exterior with this striking set. It comes with a coffee table and side table with textured glass top frames. UV-resistant fabric cushions have been used with quick dry foam and the set is both rustproof and easy to care for.

Shop the look at Patio Warehouse and find everything you need to create a dream patio at home this Spring!

Visit Patio Warehouse.


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