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Mar 15, 2018

Mix and match your face brick colours with Corobrik

Mix and match your face brick colours with Corobrik

Image sourced from www.corobrik.co.za

We often think of face brick being just one colour but that is far from true. You can mix and match face brick colours and texture with elements such as stone, wood or glass to create your own unique design without having to stress about the perfect shade of paint. Corobrik has an array of face brick and clay pavers on offer. From yellow to grey there is a perfect brick colour just for you. We have searched for some unique design combinations that will showcase how you can mix things up when it comes to using face brick for your homes exterior. Here are our favourite combinations:

  1. Grey face brick with cladding

Image sourced from www.pinterest.com

The grey face brick compliments the cladding used on this home perfectly. It’s rustic and solid wooden elements ties both the brick and cladding together to pull off this country inspired styled home. To get this look try the Corobrik SilverGrey Travertine.   2. Brown face brick with glass

Image sourced from www.Pinterest.com

Combining the darker face brick with glass gives this home a modern yet comfy look. The glass creates wide spaces allowing a lot of natural light into the home whilst the face brick creates a warm secure feel. You can create this look by using the Corobrik Fireside Coromaxi 90 Travertine.   3. Red face brick with wood and steel

Image sourced from www.pinterest.com

This functional yet modern home showcases how one can use more than one element to bring a home design together seamlessly. They have combined red brick, dark wood and steal to bring this home to life. The red of the face brick compliments the dark wood, whilst the steel used from a recycled container softens the look by painting it white.    

4. Yellow face brick with stone

Image sourced from www.mariakilliam.com

Finding the perfect face brick to compliment your stone feature walls can sometimes prove to be difficult. But with Corobriks range of face brick colours you will be sure to find the perfect match. The yellow face brick and stone used on this home are picture perfect. The yellow undertones brighten the home making it warm and welcoming. Face brick can be used on its own or mixed and matched with other building elements to turn your home into your dream home. Find your perfect brick colour from Corobrik and have fun mixing things up with wood, glass, steel or stone to create your ultimate masterpiece. To make all your design dreams come true make sure to visit Corobrik or leave a comment in the box below if you need help or simply want to share your special design ideas with us, we love hearing from you!  

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