Make Every Day A Braai Day with Chad O’Chef and Braai Boy

Nothing says South African tradition like a good old-fashioned braai. That’s why we’re bringing you top braai tips from the professionals over at Braai Boy.

  1. Quality over Quantity: Don’t be afraid of spending a little more at a quality butcher. Cheap booze can do the trick when you can’t find the good stuff, but the same can’t be said for meat.
  2. If you’re hosting a bring-and-braai: Have a couple spare beers in the fridge, someone will always run out.
  3. Clean your grid before each braai, instead of after (leaving the previous fat on will protect it from the elements) – Use a stainless steel grid if possible.
  4. Invest in a quality steel brush, even consider one of those welding brushes.
  5. Lots of ice, if you think you’ve got to much, get another pack, just in case.
  6. Use a new plate for the cooked food… don’t use the same plate you brought the meat out in.
  7. Don’t rest your beer on the side extensions of a portable braai. These tend to get hot and warm beer just sucks.
  8. Don’t use the same plate for the raw meat and cooked meat, use a new dish when taking meat off the braai.
  9. Do not interrupt or hurry the BraaiMaster, the longer the food takes, the more you can enjoy your friends’ company.
  10. Don’t freeze your meat (ice crystals stab holes into the muscle and your meat will be less juicy when cooked). Not everyone has luxury of getting meat every day, so if you must defrost, then put meat in bag and bag in warm water.
  11. Take your meat out for the fridge for 1/2hr to an hour before braaing.
  12. Allow time to rest after braaing, especially steaks – Less juices end up on your plate and more in the meat.
  13. Don’t cut your meat up until just before you’re ready to actually serve it.
  14. When doing chicken wings, “snap” wing at the joint… makes for easier turning.
  15. Dip wors in water before braaing – reduces risk of breaking … if your fire is too hot, turning more frequently will also reduce the risk of bursting.

Get these and other great braai tips here.

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