Livingstones Supply: The perfect picnic

Sizzling Summer Picnic

Summer is here and what a beautiful way to celebrate it with a fabulous, colourful picnic. Livingstones Supply have set up a fun vibrant theme just for you featuring their new wicker picnic basket. As well as the popular double walled stainless steel ice bucket, they also have a new range of scatters which features broad spectrum hues of blue and brightly coloured textures that will add that pop of colour to any lounge or bedroom that needs it. The most important item for any foundation to a picnic is a picnic basket.

This natural wicker basket includes 4 ceramic plates, 4 ceramic mugs, stainless steel knives, spoons and forks. They have accompanied this with the painted Bamileke stool which we have used as a table piece for the picnic.  However in the hospitality industry, this can be used as a side table in a contemporary context, this stool traditionally was the most important piece of furniture in an African home. Feeling chilly in the late afternoon? Well then the sea spray throw is ideal as it features a fine textured zigzag pattern which adds life and a burst of colour to any setup.

It is woven from viscose chenille and pure cotton. Display your picnic snacks with this lovely Cornflower blue Oblong plate, the colour wash used on this plate creates a tranquil and relaxing atmosphere whilst not being too vibrant of a colour to distract from the food. The colour wash and golden brown band on each Stone cast plate is applied by hand so that each piece has its own slightly unique finish. Our favorite feature in this picnic setup is the Metal bird, which is handcrafted using old recycled oil drums.

Keeping within the blue colour scheme, these unique Hausa chairs compliment the hues. The curved features of the sofa and armchair pay tribute to the Yoruba chair – the classically arched throne of Nigerian kings and queens. Throughout Africa, the chair is believed to be the most important piece of furniture. A man’s chair speaks of his identity and his place in the community.

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