Grow A Stylish Indoor Garden with The GardenShop

Greenery has a way of freshening up any interior space – introducing texture, colour and interesting aromas that heighten our senses and can enhance a design scheme. But indoor plants need special care in order to thrive. The GardenShop gives you the right tools to help you grow a gorgeous indoor garden with the essentials you need to take care of your plants.

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Flowering plants add all-year seasonal interest and vibrancy to your space. A beautiful potted plant on a window sill, or a hanging indoor plant installation – these add freshness and appeal with many benefits for the environment and your indoor space.

GardenShop is a sanctuary filled with gardening inspiration, luxuriant plants, beautiful garden accessories and exquisite flower pots. What more could you want when creating the ideal indoor garden! Transform your indoor living space into a green oasis filled with luscious indoor plants, paired with stylish indoor pots and beautiful containers. All can be viewed and ordered online – convenient and super simple!

A few tips for growing an indoor garden:

  • Ensure that you place your plants near a window or a source of natural lighting. Your plants need sunshine in order to grow.
  • Water your plants regularly but do not over-water as indoor pots can easily become water-logged and may drown your precious buds!
  • Prune your plants and regularly remove dead leaves and branches to help them grow.
  • Good drainage is essential for the growth of your indoor plants. Start with a good, organic potting soil specifically mixed for indoor gardening.

Not sure which plants to choose or where to start? As a garden-lover, we know that you sometimes need on-site expert advice to talk through nagging garden issues or changes you may want to make. That’s where GardenShop’s GardenGuru comes in! A qualified horticulturist will meet with you for a one-hour consultation service where you can discuss your unique gardening challenges and find solutions.

GardenShop strives to offer you the very best instore and online gardening experience, with quality product offerings and personal service, they’ll meet your gardening needs and offer you real solutions to enhance your indoor and outdoor living spaces. In just one visit, you can totally transform your home and garden with GardenShop.

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