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New Ways to Enhance Your Urban Stoep With Balcony Planters

Add a splash of colour to your balcony with the wonder of Urban Stoep and the Greenbo Railing and Balcony Planters.

Urban gardens are on trend. If you’re living in an apartment block or enclosed space, you don’t have to fret. Bring the freshness of florals or herbs to your balcony with a colourful range of Greenbo Railing and Balcony Planters. Made to fit over most railings, you can spice things up and enjoy the vibrancy of the colourful pots while growing your very own blooms at home.

Their universal design allows them to fit securely and safely on most railings; just place the planter over the balcony or deck rail and save valuable floor space.

Greenbo railing products will satisfy all your urban gardening needs, including visual impact, durability and weather resistance. Greenbo products contain special UV protective ingredients to ensure their colours remain vibrant. The planters also have a built-in draining system that includes two removable, cleanable and replaceable trays. The system ensures plant roots don’t sit in water, which encourages rot and prevents messy drips and streaming water.

The Greenbo Greenball is another great planting innovation for your urban garden. This innovative planter comes with three fixtures, so it can sit on a table surface, it can be mounted to the wall, or it can hang from the ceiling.

Easy to hang and display, this simple planter is versatile, of high quality and great value. Perfect for hanging from a window, ceiling, shelf, or sitting on a display table.

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