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Lechuza Takes Care of Your Plants

With a devastating drought affecting many areas around South Africa, water is becoming a scarce commodity. Thankfully, Lechuza South Africa have relieved some of the burdens of plant care with an innovative plant watering system that will keep your plants hydrated through the dry summer months!

Lechuza’s innovative water reservoir provides your plants with the right amount of water, as needed, over an extended period of time. Your plants will stay fresher and greener even in hot weather thanks to the built-in reservoir, which is available in different sizes, depending on the size of your pot plant. With up to 27 litres, as in the Classico 70, drying-out is almost impossible. This sub-irrigation system takes care of a balanced, constant water supply and supports a healthier plant growth.

Even if you are on holiday or away from home for an extended time, you can rest assured that your plants will be kept hydrated. Simply fill the water reservoir and allow your plants to absorb the water as needed, without the fear of overwatering, or drying out. Lechuza’s sub-irrigation system takes care of your plants for you for up to 12 weeks, ensuring that they receive the right amount of water and nutrients they need for optimum growth.

For ease of mobility, and in the likelihood that you may want to move your plants out of the harsh elements, Lechuza also brings us a coaster system on wheels, which fits underneath the pot for easy movement in any direction at 360 degrees. Even heavier plants move with ease thanks to Lechuza’s coasters, which disappear from sight completely under the planter. Please note: If you would like to reduce the weight of the plant even more, empty the water reservoir before moving, e.g. with a Lechuza hand pump. Contact: www.stormplanters.co.za

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