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Lechuza: A Guide To Growing Indoor Plants

Lechuza Planters gives everyone the opportunity to boast with green fingers while the sub-irrigation system does all the work. But if you find yourself truly unlucky with plants, the trick is to buy the right plant for your space. We’ve got a list of our favourites – plants that survive and thrive in even the toughest, air-conditioned spaces.

The first and one of our favourites is Mother-in-law’s tongue or the Snake Plant (Sanseveria), and despite its ominous names, it’s a beautiful, hardy bit of greenery that you can grow almost anywhere. These plants can grow in the shade or in high-light areas which makes them versatile and easy to place. They are also well known for being able to withstand air-conditioned environments. The dark green, upright leaves fit into any space, providing year-long colour. They don’t like being over-watered, though, so be sure not to overfill your Lechuza reservoir.

If you’re looking for something a bit softer, we suggest getting a Peace Lilly (Spathiphyllum). With their wide leaves and white flowers, they bring life into any room. They work perfectly indoors, requiring light but not direct sunlight, and as long as they aren’t directly next to the aircons, they don’t mind those either! They are a bit more delicate than the Snake Plants though, so be sure to put them somewhere where their leaves won’t be brushed up against with passing individuals or furniture. They like their space and will flourish and flower all year long if they aren’t disturbed. These plants droop quickly when they are thirsty, but keep a keen eye on your water-level indicator and you won’t have this problem while using Lechuza planters.

Our last suggestion and one of the easiest to grow would be indoor palm trees, notably the little Love Palms (Chamadorea elegans). They start out as beautiful, small little palm trees that can grow up to 1m tall if you repot them into larger planters. Keep them out of direct sunlight and you’re good to go! They adapt to lower light spaces, but they don’t like getting too cold, so pop them into your bathroom or sunniest rooms during winter. From desk bowls and table decorations to stunning corner statements, these palms are so versatile in size that you can use them anywhere. The Lechuza PON provides all the nutrients they need after potting, but be sure to add a bit of plant food after a year.

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