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Inspiration For Your Garden: 4 Landscaping Ideas to Avoid

A beautiful garden can be calming for the soul. If you have no idea where to begin, be sure to do some research and create the perfect sanctuary outdoors. Here we share some inspiration for your new garden with four landscaping ideas to avoid.

  1. Don’t Overlook Your Home’s Curb Appeal

Your front lawn and garden area sets the tone for your entire home. It is often the first impression visitors will have of your home, and should not be neglected. Many home owners will often focus on the back yard, but remember, the front yard is equally important. Keep your lawn neat and tidy and invest in potted plants and trimmed hedges to add to the overall curb appeal of your entire property.


2. Don’t Neglect The Power Of Plants

Plants and greenery add a wonderful freshness to any garden. Before planting new shrubs and flowers, however, be sure that you find out how much sunlight and the types of soil your chosen seedlings will require to thrive. Many times, we may overlook this important step and set up ourselves (and our gardens) for failure. Prepare the soil and be sure to nurture your plants to ensure optimal growth. Tip: If you’re purchasing new plants from a nursery, read the plant tag or chat to your nursery about the specifications of your selected plants.

3. Don’t Be Haphazard

Plan your garden and you’ll be sure to achieve the look you desire. Without a plan and some well thought-out landscaping ideas, your garden may not become the sanctuary you hope for. Speak to a specialist or do your own research and know the size and shape of your garden so you can make full use of the space. Create focal areas, such as a beautiful outdoor braai area, fire pit or lounge where you can actually venture outdoors and enjoy your surrounds with loved ones. Invest in quality pavers and stones and create walkways that add flow and symmetry to your space.

4. Don’t Neglect Maintenance

Gardens are ever-evolving as plants grow and seasons change. Be sure to schedule regular garden maintenance to ensure that your garden looks great all year-round. Clean up plant beds, fertilise your plants, mow the lawn and prune your trees often. This will help your plants to grow and thrive into a beautiful lush garden space.

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