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Grand Garden Landscaping Ideas: How to Create An Inspirational Garden At Home

The exterior of your home is just as important as a designer interior. Be sure to invest in an inspirational garden and create a memorable outdoor space that you’ll love. Here Inspirational Garden share some great tips to creating an inspirational grand and landscaped garden at home.

  1. Add a water feature

Create a magical garden that has a soothing ambience with the addition of a water feature such as a flowing pond or fountain. The soothing sounds of water will help to create an inspired zen-like oasis, right in your backyard.

2. Add elegance with sculpted hedges

Bring a touch of symmetry and poise to a beautifully landscaped garden or patio with sculpted hedging and organised greenery that will help to bring height, colour, texture and tone to your exterior spaces. Hedges are beautiful additions to an inspired garden and offer practical use to help separate different zones in the garden. Use it to edge a patio area or cover a wall – or simply to add a little interest in any size garden.

3. Quality paving and stepping stones

Create interest in the garden with quality paving options – create walkways and areas of interest for your family and guests to enjoy as they take in the sights and sounds of your outdoor space. Stone steps and offset pavers also provide structure to an inspired garden and will allow your space to establish its own presence in an interesting way.

4. Gorgeous greenery

Celebrate the true beauty of nature with an array of mixed shrubs and greenery to bring colour and appeal to your garden. Invest in trees and shrubs in various shapes, colours and heights – this will add a layered look to a grand garden design.

5. Create a Deck

Add a wooden deck to a patio area. This is an ideal spot on which to create an outdoor dining or lounge area – a place where the family can retreat outdoors to enjoy the fresh air and the true elegance of your garden area. It’s all about that wonderful impression of outdoor living.

6. Pops of Colour

Choose plants that add interest and colour to a zen-like garden. Choose seasonal flowers that will add natural colours to different areas of a landscaped garden and maximise your outdoor living. Whether potted or growing freely, flowers bring fragrance and refreshment to any outdoor space.

7. Invest in Garden Art

Add modern appeal to a grand landscaped garden with contemporary outdoor art. Modern sculptures, water features and more will certainly add interest to your space.

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