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Genius Landscaping Ideas: How to Use Grass Pavers Around Your Home

Beautify the exterior of your home to help create curb appeal and set the tone for your family’s precious abode. When it comes to the front yard, think out of the box and find inspiration to transform your space into a memorable and beautifully landscaped space. Here we show you how simple grass pavers are setting the trend. A genius landscaping hack that will help to elevate your space in no time!

Permeable grass pavers do not only boast stylish good looks, but when properly installed, can offer drainage and a driveable surface that you can make full use of. It is the perfect concrete meets greenery hybrid for your favourite outdoor spaces. Use them for driveways, terraces and walkways to add some grassy green good looks and versatility to your outdoor areas.

Grass pavers are also great eco options for your home as they will help prevent flooding and will ensure adequate drainage in your front yard.

To install grass pavers, be sure to do the research or call in the experts to assist as you will need to add a base layer of compacted gravel underneath to ensure adequate drainage.  Think about the placement of your grass pavers and be sure not to place them in heavy traffic areas such as a country lane that will see heavy tires constantly tearing up your precious grass, which may result in a muddy mess.

There are various options you could use, such as moss or grass for a stylish finish. You could also be adventurous and choose herbs such as thyme instead – for a beautiful aromatic addition to your front yard.

Lay these in your choice of pattern, along with the solid stone pavers for added durability and create the perfect layout to suit your unique home. From checkered grids to basket-weave designs, paver options are endless.

This is a wonderful, fresh and inviting new look to enhance your home. A genius landscaping hack that will also up the value of your home.

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