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Decorating with Pot Plants from the Garden Shop

Firstly, we absolutely love greenery, and the idea that you can place a beautiful plant in just about any location around your home thanks to an equally striking pot, is simply superb. The Garden Shop caters for all our needs, from smaller pots that can be placed neatly on an inside windowsill to larger varieties for the porch or garden.

Here are some of our favourite ways to decorate with pot plants:

  1. Line the entrance

Make a grand statement with stunning potted plants along the entrance of your home. Whether one on either side of the doorway or an entire row of pots lined up to greet your visitors as they make their way up to your front door! This makes a beautiful statement of style and the saying is true – first impressions do last!   2. Textured pots Soften the edges of your interior styling with a beautiful woven pot for your interior plants such as these striking Hanging Planter Baskets (3) from the Garden Shop. The Succulents in Jute Bags (6) are also great for adding texture to your interior spaces. The exquisite Wire Woven Zulu Beer Pot (7) is equally striking in pink – adding the beauty of a woven material to your designer abode.

3. Industrial Style The industrial design trend call for a mix of raw materials including glass, copper and concrete. To break the harsh surfaces of this design trend, add a stylish pot with greenery to breathe life an freshness into your space. Add to the look of your designer home with these stunning Cement Hanging Planters (1) or go with a more Industrial rustic look with these Zinc Bowls (8) – both from The Garden Shop. Alternatively, this Galvanised Decorative Holder (2) will add a certain sparkle to an otherwise urban and edgy Industrial layout.

4. Keep it simple with Glass Glass is a wonderfully light and reflective surface which is ideal for plants and many terrarium glass varieties are now on trend to bring greenery into your interior designs.Make a statement by grouping Micro LED hanging bottles (4) together in your living space or kitchen with fresh florals or herbs! We also love the Potjie Planter Holder (5) for a more contemporary addition to your space! Contact: The Garden Shop

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