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5 Ways To Decorate with Airplants

Let’s face it, nothing manufactured can ever come close to the vibrancy of fresh plants used in interior design. Air plants are on trend and a perfect addition to your urban retreat. Not restricted to pots or soil, air plants are great for unique displays. Here we share five simple ways to display your air plants at home!

  1. Create a statement ‘living’ wall

Go vertical with beautiful air plants displayed vertically as a feature wall in your home. Mount a wire box to a wall and arrange your air plants accordingly with space between each plant – and create a beautiful and unique fresh display in your favourite space.

2. Suspend your air plants

If you have high ceilings or live in a double volume home, create beautiful flow in your house with air plants suspended from the ceiling. Create a gorgeous installation at different heights for added charm or display a suspended arrangement above a staircase as a living ‘chandelier’.

3. Create an Aerium

Add your gorgeous air plants to a glass aerium and let them become a beautiful feature in your home. A terrarium typically requires dirt / soil for plant growth, but an air plant will thrive as is and is therefore a perfect addition to an aerium.

4. Create a tabletop centrepiece

Add a wow factor to your dining table or coffee table and fill any gaps with a gorgeous selection of air plants.

5. Hanging Pots

Create a bold statement with hanging pots filled with air plants for a truly unique display. Choose a mix of different pots for an eclectic look or purchase a range of minimalist pots for a more subtle, simple and stylish arrangement.

Remember, air plants are really easy to grow and will thrive in pots, glass, suspended from wire and more! Let your imagination soar and enjoy the beauty of fresh greenery indoors!

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