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Jun 12, 2017

Forever flowers with Lincor

You don’t need green fingers to transform your home into a garden paradise with gorgeous flowers and foliage. Lincor Decor offers artificial flowers and plants that are so lifelike, no one will ever know your secret…

Let’s face it; not all of us are blessed with the ability to be gardeners, in fact, most of us wouldn’t be able to keep a cactus alive. But what if you could enjoy the benefits of forever flowers, greenery that never died? Experience year-round beauty in your home with Lincor’s array of silk flowers. Available in single stems and bunches, Lincor offers you the benefit of renting flowers for special occasions. Bespoke arrangements can also be made and are set in resin.

Workplace Greenery Long standing studies on the benefits of a healthy and productive workplace show that plants can have an amazingly positive psychological and emotional effect. The benefits of going green in the office includes: – Stress reduction – Increased productivity – Reduction in illness and resulting absenteeism – Increased creativity – Significant reductions in tension and anxiety, depression, fatigue and anger

Pot plants A beautiful bouquet of flowers and greenery require vases and pot plants to showcase their natural beauty. Lincor offers pots and containers to match any style, from classic terracotta to bright colours, as well as dramatic colours and subtle patterns. Wood, fibreglass, perspex, steel and aluminium and ceramic bring much-needed texture to your home and are available as vessels for your silk plants.

Patio Furniture Among Lincor’s offerings are quality, patio furniture for the outdoors. This complements your outdoor greenery and is not subject to weather changes, frost or rain.

Discover a world of forever flowers with Lincor Decor

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