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Extraordinary brick art that will have your imagination running wild


You may be thinking; how can you create interesting art with brick? Well, if you’ve ever thought that bricks are limited to plain, boring and unimaginative finishes, then you’re in for a surprise!

With the amazing strength and resilience that face brick displays, it’s little wonder that it has been a popular choice of material used in these creations of art. Credit should certainly be given to the artists and builders who have transformed a building material like brick into mind-blowing masterpieces.

Take a look at these inspiring examples of how brick has been used to create extraordinary art pieces.


Intriguing modern brick art

Image sourced from: www.markstoner.com.au

Eye-catching, striking and a pure work of art. From the mix of brick colours used to the shape and the intricate placement of the bricks, this artist showcases the innovative and versatile qualities that brick has.

The many faces of brick

Image sourced from: www.juliemiles.co.uk   

Putting ‘face’ into face brick, this masterpiece is nothing short of magnificent. The sheer talent of Julie Miles, an accomplished artist from the UK who created such a work of art is truly commendable. Her expertise is in large scale brick work. The Man in the wall (which she’s named this piece of art) was commissioned by the Wetherspoons for their new pub and family restaurant located in the town Centre. The attention to detail is astounding and the transformation of the brick into a life like face is something that can be admired for years to come.

It’s just an illusion or is it?

Image sourced from: www.homesandhues.com  

This work of art certainly makes you do a double take. It’s a perfect play on illusions and a rather fun and imaginative piece of work. The use of brick makes the artwork look like the actual front of the house slides to the ground. A playful piece indeed!

A twist on art

Image sourced from: www.quora.com   

Imagine having such an unusual structure in your garden. It looks like something one would find in the playful gardens of an Alice in Wonderland book. The twists and curves makes it seem as if the actual bricks were twisted by the hands of the artist.

These works of art just reinforce how versatile face brick can be – if in the right hands.

If you’ve seen extraordinary brick art that you would like to share with us, please leave a comment in the box below. If you need help finding the perfect brick for your next building project, be sure to visit Corobrik.



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