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Exposed brickwork

The right choice for a wall feels like a choice made for eternity. This is why we prefer to keep it raw, unfiltered and natural. Exposed brick is one of our favourite looks. It builds momentum greatly due to its flaws and is generally best used in high metres of wall in a space that envelops the attitude or character you’re envisioning. If used well, the brick becomes the piece of art, as it allows the space to somehow feel grounded, more earthy and connected to the materials we live amongst.

Exposed brickwork In these spaces, see how top designers and architects incorporate exposed brick into ceiling, floor and wall designs as well as kitchen backsplashes, fireplace mantels and more. These rooms also show how exposed brick can be used in a variety of styles, from symmetrical, smooth designs to organic, textured looks. wallpaving Shopping list: Corobrik and Revelstone

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