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EasyIvy: Vertical Foliage Walls & Privacy Screens For Inspired Outdoor Living

Now you can create the perfect rooftop balcony, vertical garden or private terrace all year-round with premium artificial foliage from EasyIvy. This is a no-maintenance, easy-to-install product offering endless possibilities in creating vertical foilage walls and privacy screens for your home, hotel or public space.

We are all aware of the benefits of artificial turf and grass, but EasyIvy is the solution we have been waiting for to help us take things up a notch and create stunning vertical landscapes. That’s right, you can cover any unsightly part of your garden or create a stunning hedge or vertical garden wall with ease.

EasyIvy can be used in a number of different areas and formats including interior and exterior use to create vertical landscaping and artificial hedges that add style to your premises. It provides instant privacy with no long waiting periods with up to 95% blockage. It is also maintenance-free which means it won’t need pruning, care or fertilizer like regular plants and will certainly help to reduce your water bill. You also won’t need to worry about nasty pests munching on your precious shrubs.

EasyIvy is the only South African foliage brand that uses UV blocking technology with strong colourfast pigments to create inherently fade resistant foliage for outdoor use. These products are 100% maintenance free and fade resistant.

The possibilities are endless. Use EasyIvy for vertical gardens, green rooftops, roof gardens, privacy walls, buildings, businesses, lattices and interior spaces.

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