Embrace The Transterior Trend with Chair Crazy

Transterior is a term that Jamie Durie and Nadine Bush coined to describe the space where the interior and exterior of a home merge. The sweet spot between your life indoors and the natural world is one that is to be utilised and enjoyed.

“Our aim has always been to create a seamless transition between the two – to take the indoors out and bring the outside in, creating a greater connection to nature. We want a much more symbiotic outcome, where buildings are more sympathetic to the landscape outside, and vice versa.” (Durie, J)

The transterior space is most commonly the threshold where architecture meets nature, such as a stoep or patio, or sliding doors that open up on to a courtyard, pool or garden. You can however, create the same sensation in a room by bringing nature indoors through your choice of natural, handmade, organic materials textures and colours.

Everything feels more inspiring when doing it alfresco – lounging, dining, cooking, sleeping or chatting to your friends and family. Why not strive to make it feel just as good inside as you do outside!

To create a transterior, the trick is to pull as many features as possible from the exterior into the interior and vice versa, exchanging materials, textures, colours and even lights, so the two spaces become one. Here it is the relationship between people and nature that is most important – by extending inside living outwards, and vice versa we are reconnecting with the natural world, and this believed to be vital to our sense of wellbeing.

There’s an element of surprise and life force generated by having plants vertically installed as part of your living space.

The process of creating luxurious, comfortable outdoor rooms within a garden has been termed ‘luxescaping’. The more luxurious something looks and feels, the more it feels like ‘forbidden fruit’ when it is taken outside. Examples of this are rugs, cushions, plush fabrics, lights, artworks and. Just make sure that the materials you use are durable enough to last outside, which with today’s technology is not so hard anymore.

Chair Crazy have a host of chairs that have been specifically treated to endure the elements! They also have a lovely range of patio furniture to inspire a Transterior trend in your own home!


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