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Revelstone: Paving The Way To Spring

Spring is in the air!  If you’re looking to revamp the exterior spaces around your home, we bring you some great ideas to give your home a fresh new Spring look. Thanks to Revelstone, we are brimming with ideas for an inspired outdoor living!

Cobblestone Paving:

Create symmetry in your garden with beautiful cobblestone paving.  Not only a durable option that is easy to clean and maintain, but it will add a functional element to your garden and is a great paving material for achieving an old-world, European look. Garden paths, borders and even special accents are excellent ways to use cobblestone. Gorgeous cobblestone will certainly add style and charm to any garden area – and can be laid in a variety of patterns to suit your needs. We love that this stylish finish is both durable and packed with character!


Garden Pavers:

Add definition to your garden with a simple layout of garden pavers to help demarcate certain areas and add visual interest to the outside of your home. You don’t have to settle for a one-size-fits-all paver either. Add intrigue with a mix of pavers in different sizes, patterns and shades and add those special details that will certainly elevate your garden to a whole new level.

Kent Random Edge Pavers Revelstone

Mix and Match

Give your garden the edge with some interesting choices such as a mix of paving, stones and grass in specific areas. This will certainly give your garden a sophisticated and landscaped feel, like many of the urban parks we love so much. You could also opt for synthetic grass if you are looking for a maintenance-free solution!

Kent Cobble

Colour and excitement

Don’t settle for a dull garden. Paving, stones, plants and grass can add richness and texture to a simple space. Create a stepping stone effect through a grassy area and incorporate different shades of stones – whether grey, slate or earthy brown to add colour and vibrancy to your space.

Ravine Random Edge Paver Revelstone

Bold patios

Paving and stones make for a beautiful patio – durable enough to withstand the elements, a well-laid stone floor is the perfect setting on which patio furniture can rest. The bold grey flooring (featured below) is one example of how your choice of paving can complement the overall look of your home and enhance the visual appeal of your space!

Get everything you need from Revelstone – they are an innovative, passionate and proudly local supplier of traditional and engineered products, ideal for the garden and patio.

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