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Conservatories: Inside Outside

A conservatory is a great addition to any home, as it can function as both a greenhouse or sunroom which allows for ample light and an appreciation of greenery and nature. We love the sheer elegance of a stylish conservatory, complete with glass windows to welcome in natural light.

Although these rooms originated in the 16th century as functional spaces in which to cultivate crops and fruit, today it is still a welcome addition to any residence as a space for relaxation and entertainment. It remains a popular choice in European abodes. There is something beautiful about the interplay of light and glass in the creation of a conservatory – connecting us to the great outdoors and making our interiors feel larger and more in unison with nature.

It is also the ideal space in which to soak up the sun, even in winter and create a warm, cosy and inspired space that extends your living room all-year-round. The traditional Victorian semi-circular design is still popular and suits period houses best, often offering 360-degree views of the world outside. More squared off and angular versions suit more modern architecture, as does frameless glass that provides spectacular sweeps of view without interruption.

You can even have your conservatory over two storeys, using double-volume space to grow tropical trees and the like. But the most popular varieties remain the white-painted aluminium multi-panelled designs beloved of Victorian England. Good ventilation is key in any conservatory, especially in South Africa, where we experience harsher effects of the sun. You may want to invest in blinds and window coverings to minimise the light and heat that will penetrate your room.

Tinting the windows may also be a great option to help control the light in your conservatory. Whatever your choice, a conservatory remains a brilliant choice for any nature-lover. It gives you the opportunity to embrace the outdoors and create a beautiful indoor garden to keep you inspired through all the seasons!

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