COROBRIK Add a little romance to your living spaces with Face brick

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February is known as the month of love and we want to spread a little by showcasing a few creative ways you can turn your current living areas into romantic spaces using face brick. You must be thinking “how on earth can face brick be romantic” but you would be surprised how this clay brick can bring a sense of warmth and comfort to a space. We’ve highlighted three main areas that face brick can be used to turn up the romance, so read on.

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Outdoor living area This quaint outdoor area can be transformed into a little love nest by simply adding brick to the design. Spice it up with some greenery, comfy seating and candles to turn on the charm.

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Bathroom décor can sometimes be the last space in your home that you will spend time and money on. In this bathroom, Face brick has been used to create both a feature wall and has been used in the design of the bathroom ceiling, which is something you don’t see very often. The romantic lighting, wooden cabinet and soft paint colour on the walls brings a sense of romance and warmth. Who wouldn’t want to spend time relaxing and unwinding in this space?

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When you think of exposed brick you normally think that it should be used outdoors, right? Wrong, exposed brick is extremely versatile and easily adapts to any space, whilst complementing the existing design elements. The exposed brick used in this bedroom design adds to the romantic vintage vibe of this room beautifully. We hope our design ideas have sparked a sense of romance in what would seem ordinary spaces in your home. Happy Valentine’s Day!

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