Clay Brick Paving: Setting the Stage for Great Entertainment

Clay Brick Paving: Setting the Stage for Great Entertainment

Image courtesy of Jeff Thayer Photography

Eco-friendly, low maintenance and easy on the eye, what’s not to love about clay brick paving? It’s one of the few outdoor paving options that effortlessly fits into almost any environment. Whether you stay near the beach or live inland, you really don’t have to put much thought into wondering if clay brick paving is the right option for you.

This versatile and practical flooring can withstand the extremes of warm and humid climates or dry and cold conditions and remain unaffected. Which is why it’s such a popular choice of flooring for areas such as patios, pools, verandas and other outdoor entertainment areas.

But aside from the common-sense considerations of day-to-day living, clay brick paving has a warm and timeless beauty that’s hard to replicate. And the variety of paver shapes and colours available (from masonry manufacturers such as Corobrik) make it easy to integrate into different designs or create different moods. Setting the right mood is, of course, particularly important when it comes to making your guests feel at ease in outdoor entertainment areas.

With this in mind, we’ve handpicked a few examples of how you can use paver colour and texture to set the scene for an awesome time with family or friends.


Sitting Pretty

Image courtesy of Matt Sartain

Bright red pavers have a vibrant energy to them and create a bright and sunny atmosphere, regardless of the weather! This design combines fiery colour, smooth texture and square, modern-looking pavers to break away from traditional flooring and produce an environment that’s fresh and full of life.

Get the Look: You could recreate this layout with Corobrik’s Burgundy Doppio pavers.

Bonding by the Bonfire


Nothing sets the mood for a good get together better than a crackling bonfire. Nevertheless, the flooring you chose to surround your fire pit makes all the difference. Choosing clay brick paving that’s just as warm as your fire will stand you in good stead for an evening full of fun. Stick with rich and natural-looking colours if you want your outdoor area to easily blend in with the environment and create a laid back and inviting ambience.

Get the Look:

Corobrik Concrete Easicobble Multiblend , Corobrik’s  FlagstoneCharcoal and Nutmeg  Pavers are all great choices if you’d like to create a similar setup.

Do you have pictures of designs that you’ve used clay or concrete brick paving in? We’d love to see them and share them (with your permission of course). So, please mail them to Corobrik’s marketing team ( with the subject line “SA Décor” and give them more opportunities to show off the magical masonry that is clay brick paving.





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