Bring Life to Your Garden with Storm Distribution

You don’t need green thumbs to bring fresh appeal to your home or garden this summer. In fact, Storm Distribution makes life easy with a few nifty innovations to help you go green and bring your home to life this season.

With a stunning range of outdoor products for the home, Storm Distribution brings us Lechuza – with contemporary designed self-watering planters and stylish furniture for your home or business.

With Lechuza, daily watering is a thing of the past. Seriously, your plants will thank you as Lechuza’s self-watering planters boast an innovative sub-irrigation system that ensures optimal water supply to keep your greenery in full bloom for longer.

This means your plants can go up to 12 weeks between watering – perfect if you’re planning a holiday away from home this festive season. You won’t need to worry about returning to shriveled up greenery this summer!

The water level indicator takes the guesswork out of watering so you never again have to worry about over-watering either!

With a variety of indoor and outdoor planters to choose from, your home and plants will remain in tip-top condition for longer.

In keeping with German manufacturing standards, Lechuza planters are manufactured to high standards of design, quality and functionality.

Some of the benefits include:

  • A range of sophisticated designs
  • High-quality weatherproof plastics are used
  • Lechuza planters need to be watered far less often than other pots, making it highly functional
  • Lechuza Pon provides your plant with everything that it needs for optimum growth
  • Lechuza makes it so easy to achieve excellent results
  • Lechuza products are manufactured at an environmentally-certified production site in Germany

Take a look at some of the amazing offerings now available:

For more visit Storm Distribution.


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