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Apr 29, 2018

Bold & Beautiful Botanical Statement Walls

Nature often inspires interior design – from the colours of Spring to the textures of soft blooms. It doesn’t take much for the natural world to spark the creativity of almost any interior designer. When we bring nature into our very designs, however, then things start to change. Our designs quickly take on a life of their own. We’re talking beautiful living walls of botanicals to infuse energy and passion into our interiors. 

It’s one of the hottest trends of the current season – botanical statement walls. These are being used to revitalise living spaces and can be used to breathe life into almost any room.  From beautiful green displays in the bathroom to living walls on patios, in kitchens and even in clever little nooks around the home, such as a staircase wall! Botanicals are striking, natural and ever-evolving, inspiring us to embrace the outdoors and welcome the beauty of nature indoors.

Install a vertical planter on an open wall in a kitchen and allow your seedlings to take bloom – flourishing into functional herbs you can use in your everyday meals. Vertical planters have been specially designed to make living walls easier to grow and maintain. Simply mount, fill with soil and seed and ensure that your urban jungle grows into a striking display.

If you’re worried that you don’t really have green thumbs, then don’t worry. Achieve the look with a wonderful wallpaper installation and ensure that you have bold greenery in your living space all season long. We love the modern botanical prints on the market at the moment – from large palm leaves that are reminiscent of island life, to florals, trees and more to suit your style.

Images all from Dobbie Living Walls

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