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Plaisir Du Jardin: For The Love of Colour

Plaisir Du Jardin is on trend with the hottest colours of the season. Take a look at this vibrant shades and how you can bring them home!

Red Ochre

At Plaisir du Jardin, they are truly feeling that Africa, the Cradle of Humankind, can claim Red Ochre as their own. Red Ochre is a colour deeply entrenched in the history of Mankind. It was one of the first pigments used by early man to adorn their bodies and paint their caves with wondrous stories of everyday life. To this day red ochre plays an import role in cultural Africa, as seen in the beautiful adornment of the Himba women.

Acapulco Blue

Acapulco Blue brings new perspective to the Fermob colour chart. In conjunction with shades of green or blue, it brings soft harmonies to the garden. This new, deep colour will fill your garden with a refreshing intensity. ….Fermob, France

Shop these vivacious tones now available at Plaisir du Jardin and embrace the power of colour in your own outdoor spaces!

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