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Bloc Outdoor: Top Tips For Purchasing Outdoor Furniture

When the weather warms up, we can open up those sliding doors and venture outside to create a beautiful extension of our interior spaces. Patios, decks and gardens are ideal for expanding our living spaces outside. Together with Bloc Outdoor, we share some great tips for buying outdoor furniture for your home!

What space do you have available?

Do you have a pool deck beckoning for a great sun lounger and entertainment space? Or an enclosed patio that would make for great outdoor dining? Well, if so, be sure to measure up before you go out and buy furniture for your exterior spaces. You want to get the right size to make the most of these spaces and create comfy living areas outdoors with maximum style.

Is your patio long, narrow, curved or enclosed? Consider the shape before investing in furniture for this area. Make sure that there is enough space between furniture for movement and interaction amongst guests. Size and space do matter!

Materials matter

Is your outdoor patio exposed to the elements? Will it be exposed to wind, sun and rain? If so, choose materials that will withstand the outdoors. UV protected furniture that is both hardwearing and water-resistant may be the best options for your outdoor space!

Also carefully consider the surface on which you will place your furniture. Avoid placing soft wooden pieces such as pine on a grassy surface or in an exposed area. Moisture may not be ideal for certain materials – it can corrode certain metals and cause rot and mold to develop on wood.

Go for comfort

Create an inviting and cosy space with comfortable furniture to meet your needs. Function and style are just as important, but if your chosen furniture is not comfortable, you may be wasting your time and money on pieces that you are not likely to use and enjoy.

Chaise lounges, sunbeds and recliners are superb for relaxation and outdoor comfort. Make sure to try out your furniture before you buy it. For stretching out you may also want to look at hammocks and daybeds.

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