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Seating & The Satellite Office: What Happens When You Take Work Home!

The meteoric rise of satellite and home offices has proven to have many benefits … no commuting, fewer overheads, access to worldwide talent, and ultimately more active, productive and happier employees. The nature of work has undergone profound changes through digital networking — transforming the home into a fully equipped workplace.

Seating, a leading chair manufacturer and supplier — have made significant improvements in adjustability and comfort for users. They have researched the biomechanics of seating and extensively studied the needs of the human body when it comes to working. Task chairs reflect this research and are making great strides to combat the damage of prolonged sitting. The goal is make work more comfortable for your body and to support the parts that take strain — allowing you to focus less on discomfort, and more on the tasks at hand. According to Kim Crowley, Strategic Portfolio Manager for the Seating, it should be a place organized for productivity while still conferring the comforts of home. The desk and visitor chairs you choose should obviously be ergonomically comfortable and functional, but the emphasis is that they fit in visually with contemporary aesthetics of your home décor. She recommended Seating’s versatile Cruize family of 6 products, which retail between 2,5-5k and can be epoxy-coated in a range of 15 colour/finishes, from rose gold to powder blue and lemon yellow. Alternatively, the Reload netting, Unica or Zart chairs: offer both operator and visitor models for combining desk and meeting tasks. Collaborative/meeting spaces can also be softened with the introduction of occasional chairs on castors or sleigh frames such as the Lotus, Aloe, Poetry or Bilboa. Although it can feel isolating, working from home allows you to draw inspiration from the natural light and objects around you; plants, books, magazines, interesting vintage and contemporary furniture and art. Your home office is an extension of your home, but also a connection to yourself, your brand and productivity. It should afford focus rather than distraction, and be a place you want to spend lots of time in. It is entirely possible to meld domestic intimacy with office vernacular in a way that will improve the human experience and enhance the work you do there. Contact: Seating

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